Women+ Healthy Relationships

Transform your relationship life from stressful to satisfied.

For women+ who are ready to go from stressing and frustrated to loved and satisfied in their relationships.

Group Therapy

Women+ Healthy Relationships

Participants in this group will:

1) Gain understanding of that perfect balance of speaking up for yourself and compromising for your partner- instead of always compromising yourself.

2) Learn practical skills and hacks to free yourself from nagging worry that keeps you up at night, and find peace and contentment regardless of relationship status.

3) Learn how to feel calm and capable in difficult situations, conversations, and conflict in relationships, instead of worrying and obsessing.

4) Create the mindset that leads to a secure healthy partner who wants to grow with you, instead of someone who pulls you down.

Who It’s For

So many of our clients feel anxious in their relationships and might even blame themselves for relationships that fail. They wonder, “Why do ALL my relationships FAIL?” They feel frustrated, stuck, and might even experience things like obsession, sleeplessness, and depression.

More Details

When: Thursdays from 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Cost: $50/week (a portion may be reimbursable by insurance)

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