Group Therapy

Gaming Minds

An Online Process Group for Gamers

Navigate personal challenges, cultivate self-confidence, and develop essential life skills through the lens of gaming metaphors

The Gaming Minds group is for gamers struggling with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and difficulty connecting with others. In this group we see gaming as a strength.

Gamers will have the opportunity to forge meaningful connections, learn to understand and process difficult emotions, and receive validation from peers who genuinely understand:

  • Cultivate an environment where participants can explore and accept themselves for who they truly are, using metaphors of character arcs within games.
  • Develop and enhance interpersonal skills within the gaming context, providing participants with tools to foster meaningful connections both online and offline.
  • Educate participants about mental health and strategies tailored to the unique challenges faced by the gaming community.
  • Utilize shared passion for gaming as a foundation for healing.


More Details

Every Thursday evening online from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

The Group Process

This group is an open group, which means that new members can join at any time unless the group itself decides to close to new members.

Each group will create its own norms and practices regarding attendance, absences, and policies. By actively participating in the development and maintenance of group norms and rules, members contribute to a sense of ownership and empowerment within the therapy group.

This collaborative process fosters trust and cohesion, which are vital for the success of group therapy. The full group will meet in person with each session lasting roughly 1.5 hours. 

A typical group session includes a combination of:

Discussion at the beginning of the group to hear insights from the previous session and get a sense of others’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the content being discussed

Explanation of relevant science, research, or literature to provide a better understanding of the topic for that session

An individual activity to help participants explore their own beliefs, values, and desires

Meet Your Facilitator

Brian Ker, LMSW


Brian is a Master Social Worker who loves working with those who struggle to recognize their inner goodness. Brian firmly believes that all beings deserve to be free from suffering and that everyone has the inner qualities needed to find that freedom. His passion lies in helping clients remember that they are already whole, good, and worthy of happiness.

Using a lighthearted and playful approach grounded in evidence-based practices, Brian helps clients heal trauma, develop coping skills, identify areas of growth, and find new joyful ways to live.


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