Part of our mission is to restore connections. That starts with us. Bright Horse Counselors go to great lengths to connect to you. We work hard to understand your story, your identity, culture, difficulties, strengths, and lived experiences. We provide psychotherapy services and educational services to individuals, families, and groups in all phases of life.

We integrate the best available research with professional expertise to get to the root of problems and make lasting, positive, transformative change in the clients we serve.

Women and Female-identifying Issues can refer to any concern which is impacting the individuals mental health. These concerns may have to do with biological sex, gender, culture, or roles. The experience of “being female” is unique, and the biological experience of being female is unique. Women can experience certain challenges from their environment, relationships, and bodies based on their assigned or identified gender, and these concerns can have a great impact on mental health. A therapist does not need to share the same identity, sex, or gender to assist a client with gender related issues. We will honor the preference of the client. At Bright Horse Counseling we do not make assumptions based solely on gender or sex, because we know a person’s identity to be multifaceted. At the same time, we honor the unique experiences of being female and being a woman.

Men and male identifying people face a number of distinct issues. Rigid and outdated beliefs about masculinity and the male identity can be extremely problematic for man and those in relationship with them. Cultural and social expectations might even prevent some men from seeking help. Since emotional expression and closenss in same-sex relationships have historically been shaped out of boys at a young age, some men might find the process of therapy more difficult.

We believe in the health and wellness of the entire system. If one family member is in treatment or therapy, we can offer supportive family services to the remaining family members. The entire family can feel supported through education, coaching, workshops, and conjoint family sessions. Typically our family clients are supporting someone who is working toward recovery from addiction or someone who is in DBT treatment. We also offer traditional intervention services for families who are very concerned about a member’s drug/alcohol use or behaviors.

Highly Sensitive Persons or HSPs are those who are naturally born with a trait of sensitivity. Sensitivity has historically carried a negative or judgmental connotation. However, sensitivity can also be quite the asset if it is managed properly. HSP’s have very unique experiences, but might relate to having strong emotions for longer periods of time. They might also have sensitivities around taste, smell, light, and sound or be especially attuned to the moods and emotions of others. HSP’s might be diagnosed with other conditions such as anxiety or depression, or they may have sought out maladaptive coping mechanisms like addictions. Therapy can assist HSPs in learning about their innate sensitivity and recognize how to work with it rather than fight against it.

Improving performance, enhancing their skills and craft, and accessing their zone are just a few therapeutic goals for artists and athletes. Bright Horse Counseling has been serving the creative community for years by providing opportunities to explore unconscious conflicts, decrease performance related anxiety, increase body awareness, and practice relaxation techniques. Therapy can be a great addition to any training program to bring ease in performance or competition. In addition to actual performers and athletes, we support those behind the scenes too. Counseling can assist those in supportive roles to better understand their artists, manage their teams with fewer conflicts, and navigate unique creative industries.

Entrepreneurs and executives struggle with anxiety and depression more than the general population. Our counselors have years of experience working with executives and professionals. Some of the topics our professional clients explore include: reducing stress, improving leadership, toxic work environments or coworkers, and communication strategies to help you showcase your talents. We can also bring corporate wellness training to your site on a variety of topics. We collaborate with local coaches and recruiters to help you feel fulfilled in your career.

Do therapists have their own therapists? Yes! In fact, we encourage our therapists to continue their own personal therapeutic journey. Bright Horse Counselors work with other helping professionals such as therapists, healthcare professionals, clergy, teachers, massage therapists, and more. Helping professionals are often putting their own needs behind those of others. Burnout, vicarious trauma, fatigue, and ethical concerns are some of the reasons our helpers seek us for therapy. We also provide coaching, ethics consults, and supervision. We love helping the helpers. Come and see us, put your feet up, grab some tea, and let us be here for you.

Activists are the quickest growing group in our client population. For many activists, the traumas of slavery, colonization, racism, white supremacy, greed and capatilism are inescapale. Not only do these harms live inside of us, but they can creep into our organizations and movements. Working to sustain one’s own health while fighting active and ongoing oppression can seem like an impossible task. At Bright Horse Counseling we believe that self care of the activist is activism itself. Feeling better in your body and mind enables you to continue working toward these benefits for others. We understand the extreme importance of matching our activist clients with the appropriate therapist. We work diligently and openly with our activist clients to make sure they feel supported, seen, and understood by a therapist who can either identify similarly or engage effectively as an ally. If you are fighting for a better world, please call us. We would love to give you rest.


Group Therapy

Group therapy is an excellent alternative or addition to individual therapy. Especially now, in the midst of Covid-19, social connection can be challenging. Please click here or visit our Groups page to learn about our current groups.


Family Coaching

Parent and Family Coaching services are available to support families who have a loved one in therapy or treatment. These sessions will provide family members with education, training and recommendations that will support their loved one’s therapy goals. Parent and Family Coaching sessions are not therapy. The coach is available to teach, encourage and support family members in their own changes.


Social Work Supervision

Bright Horse is available to provide clinical supervision to licensed master social workers (LMSW’s) in the state of Tennessee who are working toward their clinical licensure (LCSW).

At Bright Horse Counseling, we acknowledge that our style might not be the best fit for everyone. To see if our practice is the right one for your personality type, take the quiz.