See therapy in a whole new light.

Are you feeling stuck? Is there something nagging at you? Maybe you are stressed or feeling down. Perhaps you want more out of your relationships or more satisfaction from your work life.
Therapy can help.

Addictions & Eating Disorders

We can help you recover a healthy relationship with your body, your nutrition, and your actions. Freedom and recovery is available, and you do not have to find it alone.

Mental Health

Family planning, unexpected or expected pregnancy, loss, infertility, or post-partum are some of the most complex, challenging and emotionally-charged events humans experience.

Personality Disorders

We offer fully-adherent DBT, RO-DBT, and trauma-specific therapy. We believe this is one of the most misunderstood disorders. We’ve got your back, and we can help.

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma therapy is as varied as the people who seek it. We are trained in a number of evidence-based trauma treatments. Let us actively support you in your work towards recovery.

Relationship Therapy

Dysfunctional relationships can create feelings of chronic dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and hopelessness. We can teach you how to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Couples and Individual Therapy available.

Attachment Based Therapy

We’ll explore your early attachment process (your connection with early caregivers) and its impact on your present relationships.

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Using the relationship with the therapist as a model, clients learn about secure attachment, their personal attachment style, and work toward improving the relationships they have with themselves and others. Therapy can help the client reduce dysfunctional emotions that might have been caused by attachment issues early in life like jealousy, rage, rejection, loss, and anxiety. This therapy is very beneficial for those who struggle in relationships, with commitment, or with fear of abandonment.

Experiential Therapy

We enlist the use of tools, activities, movements, and animals to bring a tactical experience to the session.

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Experiential therapy uses tools, activities, movements, and animals to bring an experience into the therapy session. Experiential therapy can be weaved into traditional talk therapies and even blended with other models such as DBT and CBT. This type of therapy is often used to process emotional events, relationships and conflicts, and internal conflicts. Individuals who “feel stuck” with traditional talk therapy often benefit greatly from the introduction of experiential techniques. This therapy is often used in the treatment of behavioral disorders, grief and loss, addictions, trauma, and interpersonal relationship therapy. People can receive experiential therapy in traditional one on one sessions, in groups, or in day-long intensive sessions.

Trauma Informed Yoga

Find the connection between breath, body, and mind to increase body awareness and regulate emotions.

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Trauma-informed yoga uses the connection between breath, body, and mind to assist individuals in increased body awareness and emotion regulation. Trauma Informed Yoga takes into account what we know about the neurobiology of stress and creates a safe environment to explore or return to our physical bodies. For trauma survivors and highly sensitive individuals this journey can be lengthy and difficult. Trauma Informed Yoga should always be conducted by teachers or therapists with special training. At Bright Horse Counseling we can integrate Trauma Informed Yoga into the sessions we provide for clients as well as provide training in trauma informed yoga for students, teachers, therapists and the community at large.

Couples and Relationship Therapy

Deepen emotional connection, resolve conflicts, and cultivate a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

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In Imago Relationship Therapy, couples learn to understand the root causes of their conflicts and relationship patterns by exploring their childhood experiences and attachment styles. Through structured dialogue techniques, couples practice empathetic listening, validation, and mirroring to promote deeper understanding and connection. With these skills, couples can transform conflict into opportunities for growth, heal past wounds, and foster a more conscious and harmonious relationship.


Cope with disturbing life experiences by reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and improving integration of stressful memories.

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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that helps people cope with disturbing life experiences by reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and improving integration of stressful memories. EMDR can be applied immediately following a stressful event or years later. EMDR can be a very potent therapy and can produce intense and lasting results.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Regulate your emotions, tolerate distress, improve interpersonal effectiveness, and practice mindfulness.

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We provide fully-adherent dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). What does that mean? Well, it means that we work very hard to provide this therapy exactly as it was designed. DBT therapy focuses on helping you regulate your emotions (changing the way you experience your emotions), tolerating distress (accepting the way you experience emotions), interpersonal effectiveness (having better relationships), and mindfulness (just generally chilling out). DBT is empirically supported (there’s research!) to provide relief and recovery from a number of psychological conditions including but not limited to borderline personality disorder. We also use DBT to help you manage and recover from addictive disorders. (There’s lots of letters for that kind of therapy. It’s called DBT for SUD.)

In addition to meeting weekly, you have the opportunity (and are encouraged) to reach out to your therapist via text throughout the week to get support in implementing the therapy. DBT is different from other types of therapy, and has some additional requirements. Weekly DBT Skills group attendance is required while participating in individual DBT therapy, and a minimum commitment of 6 months is requested to begin.

At Bright Horse Counseling, our principles underpin all the work we do. We look at healing from a systems perspective. An individual’s experience is connected to the interplay between different systems and environments. Our assessment will include the individual and their systems. Oftentimes, therapy can validate that your experience is in fact a healthy response to a dysfunctional system.This doesn’t mean we shirk personal responsibility, but rather we value responsibility so much that we’ll help you hold the systems in your life accountable too.

We are a trauma-informed practice. This means we use our understanding of how trauma and stress impact people, and we do our best to promote safety and security while actively avoiding retraumatization. Trauma informed principles can be found in our business practices as well as our interactions with our clients.

We are an LGBTQ-affirming and anti-racist practice.

Healing from a systems perspective.


Lizzie Harrigan, LCSW, PMH-C, RYT

Based in West Nashville, Bright Horse Counseling is a collective of therapists, clinicians, and mental health professionals dedicated to demystifying therapy and building a world of harmony, peace, and action through happy and healthy individuals.

Our therapists are real people offering real solutions. We can help you reconnect with yourself, improve your relationships, explore your past, and find joy in your present. We pride ourselves on quality care, transparency, and a genuine collaborative approach to your healing.

We proudly serve Nashville and its surrounding communities with in-person services, and have the capability to accept new clients throughout the state of Tennessee via our telehealth services. Our therapists are certified in multiple, evidence-based therapy techniques and provide specialized care for individuals and families in all phases of life.


What Our Referral Partners are Saying

5 star rating
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“I have several mutual clients with Lizzie. I find her to be a compassionate, skilled, insightful therapist that holds her client’s journey in the utmost care. I appreciate the informative and compassionate plan of care we are able to create together for the clients that entrust us with their mental health journey. I enjoy collaborating with her!”
Rhonda Bartine
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5 star rating
“Bright Horse Counseling is one of the most ethical and upstanding practices in our area. Our clients, alumni, and staff have benefited greatly from their services for many years. As a referral partner, I value the approach they use with their clients and the collaborative team model the therapists utilize. I feel confident that my clients are in excellent hands when they go to Bright Horse Counseling.”
Patrick Custer
National Director of Alumni at Promises Behavioral Health
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5 star rating
“Coming in knowing little to nothing about how to be trauma informed, this weekend gave me a solid base from which to continue doing research and building my skills.”
Trauma Informed Yoga Training Participant