See therapy in a whole new light.

Mental health therapists serving Nashville, TN and surrounding areas

Bright Horse Counseling provides therapeutic counseling services to relieve suffering, restore connections, and empower individuals, families, and communities to thrive. Our vision is to normalize therapy and eliminate the stigma that prevents us from engaging in regular mental health care. We work for a future where we all feel better and live well, together.

Our Specialties

Are you feeling stuck? Is there something nagging at you? Maybe you are stressed or feeling down. Perhaps you want more out of your relationships or more satisfaction from your work life.
Therapy can help.

Addictions & Eating Disorders

We can help you recover a healthy relationship with your body, your nutrition, and your actions. Freedom and recovery is available, and you do not have to find it alone.

Mental Health

Family planning, unexpected or expected pregnancy, loss, infertility, or post-partum are some of the most complex, challenging and emotionally-charged events humans experience.


We offer fully-adherent DBT, RO-DBT, and trauma-specific therapy. We believe this is one of the most misunderstood disorders. We’ve got your back, and we can help.

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma therapy is as varied as the people who seek it. We are trained in a number of evidence-based trauma treatments. Let us actively support you in your work towards recovery.


Dysfunctional relationships can create feelings of chronic dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and hopelessness. We can teach you how to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Couples and Individual Therapy available.

How We Help

We do not claim to “do it all” because in fact, we don’t. We value integrity and competence. Our therapists have completed thousands of hours in training, practice, university teaching, supervising, lecturing, and more. What we offer, we offer well. Bright Horse Counseling believes in four cornerstones to our therapy: embodiment, insight-practice, skillful action, and social awareness. You will see all of these elements in our practice modalities.

 Our Approach

At Bright Horse Counseling, our principles underpin all the work we do. We look at healing from a systems perspective. An individual’s experience is connected to the interplay between different systems and environments. Our assessment will include the individual and their systems. Oftentimes, therapy can validate that your experience is in fact a healthy response to a dysfunctional system.This doesn’t mean we shirk personal responsibility, but rather we value responsibility so much that we’ll help you hold the systems in your life accountable too.

We are a trauma-informed practice. This means we use our understanding of how trauma and stress impact people, and we do our best to promote safety and security while actively avoiding retraumatization. Trauma informed principles can be found in our business practices as well as our interactions with our clients.

We are an LGBTQ-affirming and anti-racist practice.


Who We Serve

Everyone’s needs are different. Bright Horse Counseling offers a number of diverse services in addition to traditional one-on-one therapy sessions. We are here to help whether you are looking for education, community, or personalized support. See our full list of services available.


We provide individual therapy to adults and adolescents. Sessions are typically 45 minutes weekly or bi weekly. The cost of sessions vary depending on the type of therapy offered and the experience of your therapist.


Group therapy is an excellent alternative or addition to individual therapy. Especially now, in the midst of Covid-19, social connection can be challenging. DBT Skills and Processing groups are available.

Couples and Relationships

Couple and Relationship therapy allows relationship members to engage in the therapeutic process together. The therapist’s “client” becomes the relationship rather than one individual.


Our Team

Based in West Nashville, Bright Horse Counseling is a collective of therapists, clinicians, and mental health professionals dedicated to demystifying therapy and building a world of harmony, peace, and action through happy and healthy individuals.

Our therapists are real people offering real solutions. We can help you reconnect with yourself, improve your relationships, explore your past, and find joy in your present. We pride ourselves on quality care, transparency, and a genuine collaborative approach to your healing.

We proudly serve Nashville and its surrounding communities with in-person services, and have the capability to accept new clients throughout the state of Tennessee via our telehealth services. Our therapists are certified in multiple, evidence-based therapy techniques and provide specialized care for individuals and families in all phases of life.

What Our Referral Partners are Saying

“I have several mutual clients with Lizzie. I find her to be a compassionate, skilled, insightful therapist that holds her client’s journey in the utmost care. I appreciate the informative and compassionate plan of care we are able to create together for the clients that entrust us with their mental health journey. I enjoy collaborating with her!”

-Rhonda Bartine, PMHNP-BC

“Bright Horse Counseling is one of the most ethical and upstanding practices in our area. Our clients, alumni, and staff have benefited greatly from their services for many years. As a referral partner, I value the approach they use with their clients and the collaborative team model the therapists utilize. I feel confident that my clients are in excellent hands when they go to Bright Horse Counseling.”

-Patrick Custer, National Director of Alumni at Promises Behavioral Health

“Coming in knowing little to nothing about how to be trauma informed, this weekend gave me a solid base from which to continue doing research and building my skills.”

-Trauma Informed Yoga Training Participant