Group Therapy

Stoking the Fire

A group for couples who want to strengthen their sexual compatibility and experience more intimacy, passion, and desire in their relationship.

Stoking the fire

Is your relationship
stuck in a rut?

Couples who come to us often talk about feeling “stuck in a rut” relationally, having sex drives or levels of desire that “don’t match up”, and struggling to figure out where sex and pleasure fit in with everything else going on in their lives.

They want physical and emotional intimacy with their partner to feel natural and exciting, to connect with themselves and each other more deeply, to see themselves as desirable, and to desire their partner.

In this group, we will use current research, group and didactic discussions, and evidence-based activities to give you and your partner the tools to:

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself as a sexual being
  • Discern your needs, wants, likes, and dislikes when it comes to intimacy, both sexually and otherwise
  • Communicate with and feel understood by your partner to reconnect with the parts of them you desire most
  • Reimagine your partner as someone uniquely capable of making you feel desired, known, and loved
  • Create and live out your vision for a sexually fulfilling and deeply intimate relationship

Since this group addresses a topic that can feel vulnerable and sensitive for many, it is equally as important that you know that this group will not:

  • Require you to share about anything in group that you do not feel ready or comfortable to talk about
  • Ask or invite you to give details about the mechanics of your sexual relationship
  • Fully address the complexities of healing from sexual trauma
  • Address the process of repairing a relationship after an affair
  • Assert a negative bias towards any relationship dynamic co-created by two consenting adults when no one’s personal safety is at risk
  • Force you to participate in any exercises, discussions, or homework

More Details

Number of sessions: Six group sessions lasting 1.5 hours each

Cost: $70/couple

The Group Process

This group is a closed group, which means that after the first meeting of the group, no new members will be allowed to join that particular group.

The full group will meet virtually and includes 6 sessions, with each session lasting for 1.5 hours. The date for the first session will be determined when 3-4 couples have signed up. The cost for each session is $70 per couple and will be collected the day of the group session. Each couple will be responsible for paying the full rate for all 6 group sessions even if they have to miss 1 or more sessions.

If you have to miss a group, you will still have access to any materials, exercises, or homework given during that session.

A typical group session will include a combination of:

Discussion at the beginning of the group to hear insights from the previous session and get a sense of others’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the content being discussed

Explanation of relevant science and research to provide a better understanding of the topic for that session

An individual activity to help participants explore their own beliefs, values, and desires

Time for couples to breakout from the group to work on sharing and dialoguing about their insights and reconnecting with each other

The therapist helping one couple (with their consent) work on an issue in dialogue while the other couples’ observe

Meet Your Facilitator

Chelsea Nixon, LMSW

Chelsea Nixon, LMSW is a licensed therapist practicing at Bright Horse Counseling in Nashville who has a passion for helping others experience transformation by learning to tap into and express their most authentic selves.

She has extensive training in Imago Relationship Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Perinatal Mental Health and specializes in helping individuals and couples navigate parenting, relationships, grief, trauma, anxiety/OCD, and spirituality.

Chelsea strives to create an environment for healing that is inclusive and sex-positive.

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