New Parents Support

Step out of the fog and into the village.

For new parents who need to go from stressed and overwhelmed to coping, confident, and connected with their new and changing family.

Group Therapy

New Parents Support

Parents in this group will:

1) Learn that most of what they’re experiencing is normal and learn what they can do about it, instead of feeling weird, isolated, or like there’s something wrong with them.

2) Connect with other parents who are sharing your stressors, your crazy sleep schedules, and find joy and laughter amongst each other.

3) Practice skills and tools that help with bonding (partner, baby, AND self), and tools to deal with those wacky in-laws.
Tips and practices to reduce anxiety, and figure out when to worry.

4) Walk away confident in your parenting skills, hopeful for your family’s future, and connected to the support you need and each other.

Who It’s For

While all new parents deal with “blues,” sleeplessness, financial worry, and a completely new way of life during or after birth, 1 in 7 women and 10% of new father’s experience more significant symptoms of anxiety or depression during the first year. You don’t have to do this alone!

More Details

When: Daytime and evening sessions available

Cost: $50/week for a 75 minute session (a portion may be reimbursable by insurance)

Other: Babies welcome! Supplies and privacy provided.

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